PocketLOGGER HelpDesk

The HelpDesk System is for customers only! If you are not a customer, send all inquires to info@pocketlogger.com after you have checked the FAQ section of the PocketLOGGER website.

The HelpDesk System
The HelpDesk system is a easy way for us to accurately track customer questions and problems and assures you that your problems are taken care of in a timely manner.

Create and account
In order for you to use the HelpDesk system, you must create an account. Do this by clicking the "Create Help Desk Account" or "Register" link in the Login screen. You will be asked for some simple information. Make sure you use a valid email address that you will be checking. All information collected is not used in any way except to allow employees of digital tuning, inc. to identify you in the HelpDesk system. All information is kept private.

Login and Tickets
Once your account is created, you can log in. After you log in, you will be able to see open tickets, closed tickets, or create a new ticket. A ticket is basically a topic of discussion. If, for example, you are having problems loading the software, that would be a ticket. If in addition to that problem, you couldn't get the Log Viewer working, you would make a separate ticket for that.

When creating a new ticket, be sure to completely and accurately fill out all the information that we request. Give as much detail as possible when describing your problem. The more information we have the faster we can help you.

The system will allow you to see all your old tickets, and your open tickets. In each ticket, a record of the conversations are kept. This allows us to be able to easily look back to see what we have said or tried already, and it allows you to look back in case you forgot the answer to a question that you already asked.

A great feature of the system is that you do not have to log in to the system after the initial ticket is made. You will be notified via email when we respond to a ticket and all you have to do is respond to the email using your standard email client and your responses are automatically archived and placed in the proper ticket.

You will also notice that there is an announcement section towards the bottom. Please read any announcement that may pertain to you as we may already be aware of a problem and working on it.

If you have any problems using the HelpDesk system, please email helpdeskadmin@pocketlogger.com